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Your child's name... sung in music 50+ times in our award-winning albums for babies and pre-schoolers

No CD player? No problem.  Every album includes the digital files free of charge. You can stream the music to all your devices and share the songs with your family and friends. And you won't have to wait until the CD arrives in the post, we send you details of how to activate your digital download as soon as we receive your order

Personalised Songs for Children - Made in Australia

Welcome to the home of My Silver Balloon personalised music for kids. Your child's name sung in original music in our fun and educational tunes.

Please have a wander around the site, listen to samples, download your free songbook and send a CD gift-wrapped anywhere in the world (plus get to download the digital files to stream to any of your devices). 

We are now in our 16th year of bringing our unique entertainment to the little ones in your family. 

For $29.95 you will receive an album of music with your child's name printed on the face of the CD and sung around 50 times in the personalised tracks.

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Your child's name sung in music

The perfect gift from birth to early school

Eight fun and educational tracks featuring your child's name sung more than 50 times.

The perfect gift for newborns, birthday, Christenings and Christmas.  The songs are suitable for boys and girls alike from birth to early school.

Please have a look around and support a great Australian company. We accept all major credit cards


From birth babies love the music... From four months they recognise their name... as toddlers they understand the lyrics... until early school they will sing along...

Wake up with We've Got the Sunshine
Rumble in the Jungle with Tiggy the tiger and Heavy the hippo
Exercise with Doogie the Barndancing Dog
Learn the ABC and 123
Drift off to sleep with the beautiful Spaceman's Lullaby
PLUS! a bonus bedtime story narrated by the international broadcaster Jon Snow.

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A choice of two albums...


My Silver Balloon - Album 1

My Silver Balloon is a personalised music CD which contains your child's name sung throughout the lyrics.

Our original multi award-winning CD.  The perfect gift from birth to early school.

Hundreds of names to choose from. Click through for detail on all the tracks.

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My Silver Balloon - Album 2

A second great album with some of the familiar characters from Album One.

Perfect if you want to get a different one for a sibling, have twins to buy for - or just want more fabulous personalised tunes.

Slightly faster-paced than Album 1 but still keeping with the principles of education and fun.



Oli is a fan

Oli is one of more than a million children worldwide who have grown up listening to our original personalised music. A glance through our names list will see that it includes a wide range of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Australian, New Zealand and English favourites!

The Silver Balloon story began 17 years ago with the birth of Ethan and some of our earliest fans are now parents themselves. 60% of our albums are sold to returning customers.

Our ambition is to produce quality music that kids love and that doesn't drive parents too mad! We've focussed on recording the widest possible range of names sung in real time in professional studios by world class musicians.

We hope you and your family enjoy the songs as much as we have enjoyed creating them.

DO WE HAVe your child's name?


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And you'll get details as soon as you've purchased with how to activate the free digital download, so you can stream the tunes to all your devices and share the songs with family and friends. 


a superior example of the genre... bringing bright smiles to the early morning breakfast table

The Observer

The production values and vocalists are excellent... a nice birthday or Christmas present - a mixture of education and entertainment elevates this idea beyond a gimmick

Melbourne's Child

This is the third one I've bought for friends' new arrivals. The parents are over the moon. The babes love it and I was told it stops tantrums!

Leonarda, Kent